About The Esthetician

I am a firm believer in self-care! You can not be your best if you don't feel your best. 

My name is Gladys and I am the passionate esthetician behind The Blush Bar studio. I was born and raised in Fort Pierce, FL with 2 wonderful influences. The first being my mother, my guide to self-care and beauty. The second most important influence in my life, was my aunt Liz who has successful managed and owned her very own beauty salon for nearly 20 years. I truly believe the art of helping people look good and feel there best has been embedded in my genes at a very young age. My mission is to provide a safe, tranquil environment for women to step away from there busy schedule and renew themselves.

About The BlushBar

THE BLUSH BAR is a skincare specialized studio located in Downtown Fort Pierce, FL. Our studio has been ultimately designed a total relaxation experience from beginning to end. My committing is to provide the most safest and effective treatments available in todays industry. Providing services that will encourage feeling beautiful and living beautifully. How is it that you want to feel? I invite you to allow me to be a part of your blissful transformation and your glowing complexion. The Blush Bar is proud to be rated 5 out of 5 stars on all platforms. An inviting, relaxed, and unrushed setting awaits your arrival.

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