Body Treatments

Skincare does't just end with our face. Our skin is the largest organ in our body and is constantly exposed to many factors that lead to tough skin, scarring, acne, loss of elasticity, or just uneven skin tone. Our body can greatly benefit from professional skincare treatments just as our face does. Body treatments are prefect for when you are dealing with acne, pigmentation, stretch marks, acne scars, dryness, aging, and so much more. You will be wearing your skin for a very long time and we want to make sure your happy in it!

Underarm Care

Peach Pit Facial


Our Peach Pit Facial helps detox the underarm area, minimize odor, exfoliate deodorant residue and cell build up, and minimize dark pigmented areas. This treatment includes a cleanse, underarm wax, lightening and ingrown hair treatment, detoxing mask, and calming aloe body creme. In this treatment we will encourage you to toss your razor and transition to a natural deodorant by waxing and detoxing the underarms.

Back Treatments


Ultimate Back Treatment

Feeling confident baring a smooth and glowing back is just one of the benefits of a back treatment! The Blush Bar offers a choice between 2 choices: salt and sugar. The back facial will provide a deep cleansing for this hard to reach area, hot steam and towels, scrub exfoliant, extractions and/or high-frequency (if necessary), followed by a mask, and sealed with a body creme.

IDEAL FOR: Non-inflamed & Inflamed acne


Back Micro Treatment

The diamond microdermabrasion treatment uses a minimally abrasive wand to gently buff your skin, removing excess dead cells. This is a great benefit for acne suffers due to excess build up of dead cells. Removing the unecessary layer of cells facilitates the absorption of products, giving you greater results.

IDEAL FOR: Non-inflamed acne & Scaring

Back Peel Treatment


Our face is not the only place that suffers from uneven skin tone, scars, and acne breakouts. Chemical peels can effectively dive into our skin to unclog pores while also skimming the surface to erode blackheads and fade acne scars. Peels may have up to 90% succes when it comes to clearing scars post acne. 

IDEAL FOR: Inflamed acne & Scaring


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