LED Light Therapy

LED therapy is a natural skincare solution that uses energy photon’s emitted from LED light’s to jumpstart and improve cell function by 200%. The benefits include increased energy within the cell, repair scar tissue, boost collagen production, kills acne causing bacteria, minimize inflammation, and improve oxygen and blood circulation. Each light will offer an addition unique list of benefits to help target your skin concern.

The amount of sessions you need may vary based on your individual skin care needs. You can expect an individual LIGHTWAVE treatment to take up 30 minutes and allow for an additional 20 minutes for pre and post care. A series of 6 treatments is normally recommended for the best results.

LED Facial - approx. 40mins


Daily residue, dead cell pile up, excess oil and anything that may be blocking the pores is gentle removed. This allows the maximum absorption of light energy for a clinical treatment. Your treatment will Include a double cleanse, gentle chemical exfoliation with extractions, light therapy session, treatment mask, custom blended serum, and appropriate moisturizer. 


IDEAL FOR:  All Skin Types; Flaccid skin, aging, smokers lines, acne scars, and stretch marks

SERIES PACKAGE : $400 for 6 sessions ($66 per treatment)

Treatments may be scheduled twice per week for 3 weeks OR once per week for six weeks.

Specialty LED Facial

Not only do our specialty LED facials utilize the healing benefits of LED Light Therapy, but also promise to specifically target our area of concern using botanical based enzymes such as, pomegranate, blueberry, pineapples, coconut, raspberries, etc. You treatment will be complimented with a specialty mask such as the soothing detoxing Oxygen or the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD. Each treatment will be especially customized to balance your skin and compliment your light therapy treatment session.

Brightening Boost w/ LED - 1 Hr


Red and/or IR Light is beautifully combined with lightening enzymes and serums to dissolve stubborn pigmentation. This process normalizes the melanin within the skin. The amount of treatments needed vary depending on the amount of damage to the skin, and the thickness of the skin and the age of the client.

IDEAL FOR:  Sun damage, Melasma, Chemical reactions, Uneven skintone

 SERIES PACKAGE :  $500 for 6 sessions ($83 per treatment)

Treatments may be scheduled twice per week for 3 weeks OR once per week for six weeks.

Rosacea Relief w/ LED - 1 Hr


INFRARED light is absorbed deeply into the skin to help soothe any inflammation caused by temporary flare-ups. While RED light is Red light energy has a significant effect on mitochondrial stimulation, which increases cellular turnover, superficial circulation, and the repair of damaged tissue and broken capillaries. Although rosacea is not curable, this treatment is packed with skin repairing properties to help minimize future flare-ups. 

IDEAL FOR:  Redness-prone & Rosacea,

SERIES PACKAGE :  $500 for 6 sessions ($83 per treatment)

Treatments may be scheduled twice per week for 3 weeks OR once per week for six weeks.

Blemish Control w/ LED - 1 Hr


Red and Blue Light is designed to repair damaged skin and significantly reduce the P. acnes, the bacteria responsible for causing inflammatory acne vulgaris. 15 minutes of Blue light first enters the sebaceous glands and singlet oxygen is created. Singlet oxygen then in turn kills the bacteria. Next, the client is exposed to 15 minutes of red light. This acne treatment aids in the healing process of the skin and prevents infection and scarring from occurring.


IDEAL FOR:  Mild to Moderate Acne

SERIES PACKAGE : $500 for 6 sessions ($83 per treatment)

Treatments may be scheduled twice per week for 3 weeks OR once per week for six weeks.

Topical Light Infusion

Topical Light Infusion (TLI) is a combination of LED Light Therapy panels and Topical Light Infused skincare products that safely deliver targeted ingredients to a deeper layer of the skin. Molecules in our topical products are activated and stimulate by the LED panels and begin to move away from the light source and into our skin and provides a maximum absorption of topical products. This is a painless and non-invasive treatment that requires absolutely no down time and produce almost instant results. With just one treatment, clients have reported signs of improvement immediately after. Significant changes are best obtained after a series of treatments.

Anti-Aging TLI Facial - 1 Hr


This concentrated TLi treatment is infused with a powerful bend of hyaluronic acid, marine collagen, peptides, and nourishing vitamins and minerals. In as little as 15 minutes, these clinical strength ingredients rapidly restore hydration levels, improve microcirculation and calm the skin. The skin usually appears smoother,firmer and plumper after just one to two treatments.

IDEAL FOR:  Dehydrated, Fine lines, Aging skin

SERIES PACKAGE :  $425 for 4 sessions ($106 per treatment)

Treatments maybe scheduled once per week for 1 month

Clinical Acne TLI Facial - 1 Hr


This treatment is ideal for congested and oily skin. The concentrated gel based mask contains several Power Pure ingredients designed to reduce inflammation, detoxify the skin tissue and reduce unsightly blemishes resulting in an overall improved look and feel of the skin.


IDEAL FOR:  Mild to Moderate Acne

SERIES PACKAGE :  $875 for 8 sessions ($109 per treatment)

Maybe scheduled 2x the first week and once a week for six weeks.


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