Customized Facials

Say good bye to dull skin and hello to your new GLOW! A maintenance facial is recommended to improve our skins appearance and encourage a fresher appearance. With the help of our plant-based products, our facials successfully target a variety of skin concerns. Each facial treatment is designed to specifically target your concerns, leaving you relaxed, refreshed, and glowing! Want to know more about the benefits of a facial?

Consultation w/  Facial - 1hr 30min


A full consultation including, skin analysis, medical information, product recommendation, treatment plan, followed by a customized facial. Your treatment will be customized 100% using gentle exfoliation, custom blended serums,  and appropriate masking.


IDEAL FOR: First Time Clients

Express Mini - 30 Min


A time convenient customized treatment that allows for the benefits of a facial in half the time. This treatment will include a skin analysis, a power cleanse, exfoliation, targeted mask, customized serum and an appropriate moisturizer and SPF. 


IDEAL FOR:  ALL Skin Types

Customized Facial - 1hr


This is a thorough deep cleansing facial designed to relax and provide an instantly fresher complexion. All products will be specifically customized according to your skin type. Treatment will Include a double cleanse, facial steam & hot towels, gentle exfoliant, extractions (if needed), appropriate mask, followed by an appropriate serums and moisturizer with SPF. 


IDEAL FOR: All skin types; Pregnancy Safe

Purifying Acne Facial - 1 Hr


This treatment is best for preventing, soothing and healing current acne. Treatment will Include a double cleanse, facial steam & hot towels, chemical exfoliant, facial vacuum and extractions (if needed), high frequency, a purifying clay masque, followed by an appropriate serums and moisturizer + SPF.

IDEAL FOR:  Oily, Combination, Acneic Skin

Enzyme Facials

Enzyme Facials use fruit derived components that specifically help digest dead cells. Mean while the enzymes are all work, nutrients are delivered into our skin to help target skin concerns such as pigmentation, acne, redness, aging. All enzymes facials encourage the circulation of blood flow giving a slight spicy feeling on the skin. This leave the pores deeply cleanse with the ultimate glow

Made For Men Enzyme - 1 Hr


A customized treatment tailored to environmental stressors many men many encounter in their daily lives. This treatment will included deep pore cleansing, exfoliation and a soothing masques designed to bring balance the skin, and selected product to strengthen a repair barrier function. High frequency will be used to comb through the beard from root to end to heal ingrown hairs, eliminate bacteria, and revitalize dormant hair follicles. 



Cherry Wine Enzyme - 1 Hr


A purée of bright red cherries offers a gentle but thorough enzymatic exfoliation for fine lines, wrinkles, and brightening. This anti-aging facial is packed with antioxidants to help neutralize free radicals and fight the aging process. Infused with Kojic and Arbutin to provide extreme lightening benefits.

SKIN TYPE: Normal-Combination

IDEAL FOR: Aging skin, Pigmentation, Sun Damaged, Acne Scarring

Lemon Zest Enzyme - 1 Hr


A citrus enzyme that contains Arbutin, Lactic, Glycolic ,and Kojic acid to help dissolve excess pigmentation.  Treatment will include: A gentle cleanse, lemon enzyme followed by a nourishing mask, cold rollers and appropriate moisturizer + SPF.

IDEAL FOR:  Dry-Normal Skin Types; Uneven skin tone, Melasma, Sun spots, Post Inflammatory Pigmentation

Berry Detox Enzyme - 1 Hr


Our blueberry enzyme uses Salicylic and Glycolic to target both oil control and dead cell build up. Anti-oxidants A, C, & E speed up cell turnover, tissue healing, and moisturize. Paired with a strawberry clay mask to help fight bacteria, detox and draw out impurities.

IDEAL FOR: Clogged Pores, Oily, Combination, Acneic, and Dull skin

Pineapple Canabliss Enzyme


A gentle enzyme with to no downtime. This organic enzyme utilizes pumpkin, pineapple, papaya and mango enzymes to dissolve dead skin cells, and support skin cell renewal with minimal discomfort. Comfrey plant derived stem cells work at the base of the epidermis to stimulate cellular activity and restructure the epidermis.

IDEAL FOR:  All Skin Types; Redness-prone. Inflamed Acne, Mature skin

Advanced Facials

Oxygen-Infusion Enzyme


This revolutionary treatment vows to leave you instantly glowing skin, exfoliated, and with purified pores. With the help of oxygenized skincare products, oxygen will work its way into the pores making this an unsuitable environment for bacteria and build up. Your cells are oxygenizated at a cellular level improving skin function, hydration, and GLOW.

IDEAL FOR:  Sensitive, Acne, Dehydrated skin; Pregnancy Safe

Diamond Micro. - 1 Hr


The diamond microdermabrasion treatment uses a minimally abrasive wand to gently buff your skin, removing excess dead cells. This facial treatment removes months worth of dead cells to make room for fresh, younger cells. By removing excess dead cells, your skin will fully absorb product benefits leading to maximum results.

ADD-ON's INCLUDE: Neck and Décollaté

IDEAL FOR: All Skin Types; Acne-Prone, Aging, Dull, Uneven tone, Loss of Elasticity, Enlarged pores, Keratin Polaris

MicroChem Peel - 1 Hr


This beautiful microdermabrasion and chemical combo is result-driven treatment that uses both a chemical and mechanical exfoliation to brighten, smooth and clear the skin. This signature treatment is best for those looking to get their glow back or for those in their 30's looking for a great maintenance facial to help get there skin back on track.

IDEAL FOR: All Skin Types

Dermaplane Glo - 1 Hr



An exfoliating skincare treatment that uses a high quality scapel tool to glide over the surface of the epidermis layer. This process helps remove not only the dead cells, but any peach fuzz that may hinder product absorption. The overall treatment is also know to improve fine lines, provide an instant glow, remove superficial pigmentation, and increase the efficiency of home products

IDEAL FOR: All Skin Types

Treatment Add-On's

Facial Add-On

Hydro Jelly Mask                      $10 

Purifying Oxygen Mask           $15

LED  Therapy                           $25

Neck Lift  Therapy                   $25 
Eye & Lip Nano-Infusion        $35

Waxing Add-On

Brow Restyle                              $25

Brow Maintenance                   $20 

Lip & Chin                                 $10

Brow & Lip Combo                  $25

Underarms                                 $20

Full Face                                     $40


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