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Facial Aftercare

By following your after care instructions, you are giving it time to adapt to the treatments and ingredients, therefore boosting the effectiveness of the treatment in restoring your skin’s health. Skincare doesn’t just stop at a facial - it continues even after you have had one, and aftercare certainly helps in prolonging the benefits of your facial for your skin. The steps may look small and menial, but if done regularly and consistently, you can say hello to brighter, clearer and better skin for the long haul.

​​Facial after care Do's & Dont's:
    This mostly applies right after your service, not the day after! Following your professional treatment, your skin may experience some redness from exfoliation and/or extractions. Resist the urge to cover up your skin after treatment, as this is something that will resolve itself within 1-3 hours. And instead, give your skin a break and a good chance to breathe after you deep  cleansing facial.

    Okay, now this one really does apply all the time, but your skin is especially vulnerable right after a facial. Avoid picking at blackheads, flaking, or acne of any kind. Your skin may be going through a treatment process and picking at your skin will encourage bacteria spread, scarring, and hyperpigmentation. Please reach out to me if you have any concerns so we can resolve this together.

    Discontinue any product that may contain active ingredients for 2-3 days. This is especially true if it contains alcohol or any exfoliating chemicals. Your skin’s PH and moisture levels are balanced after a facial. You've just had a professional exfoliation and adding these ingredients may: effect your skins protective layer, cause irritation, lead to inflammation, and/or possibly worsened skin problems.

    Avoid saunas and or steam room's for the remaining of the day after treatment. Although they are a wonderful treatment, we only suggest using one before your facial rather than after. Not only do you risk sweating off all those delicious ingredients on your skin, but overheating your skin post facial can cause broken capillaries and irritation.

    If you weren’t able to get your workout in before your facial, wait until at least a day after. Unless it is going to be a gentle session like light yoga or a walk, try and avoid anything that will increase your heart rate and make you sweat. After a deep cleanse and exfoliation, any increased heat in the skin can cause irritation so refrain from any major physical activity post-facial. 

    Because your skin is newly exfoliated and cleansed, avoiding direct sunlight is very important so that you can avoid increased sensitivity and the risk of hyperpigmentation. If you plan on spending time outdoors use a high SPF (an absolute MUST!), wear a large brimmed hat, and find your biggest sunglasses. We all love catching some rays, but it’s always best to do so with precaution! 


When in doubt, ask your skincare professional! 

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